My dog Molly and I left beautiful Colorado February 25, 2017, where I still host an Airbnb cabin named “The Bear Peek Inn”.  I now spend part of the week living at one sons house where I can help with the baby and the rest of the week, I spend at my moms house in Tennessee.  Even though I bounce back and forth from house to house, I literally have the dream life.  So much love and encouragement!  My daughters-in-law are simply the best.  They treat me so good and seem to love having me around. ( check back on this in a year or so ).  When I am at my moms house, I help her with things she needs help with in her later years and I work a seasonal job at Kohl’s.

For now, I have this new opportunity and freedom to recreate my life and my future.  At the moment, I am learning how to do freelance writing about Airbnb cabins and soon, other unique places that I find.  There are even a few elderly people that I clean for a couple times a month and I love that as well.  They keep my heart in a loving place when so much anger from my personal life tries to sneak in.

I feel the call to pursue adventures that I have only dreamed about.  Hopefully, this blog will allow me to document the adventures, successes, failures and lessons learned along the way.  A blessing from this is to know that maybe someone out there that takes the time and interest to read my blog might get something positive and encouraging out of it.  Pay it forward as they say.