The Journey Home


Pulling out of Colorado on the 5th anniversary of my sons death just added to the emotional pain seared into my heart.  This one thought kept going through my mind, “If my marriage was going to end, why could it not have ended  before my son got sick”?!   Maybe I could have saved him.  Hence, the guilt of moving so far away in the first place resurfaced.

The minute I told my sons what was going on, my middle son Tyler bought a plane ticket and arrived that Saturday morning to drive me and my mere belongings back to Georgia.  I held up one hand to my husband to say good-bye and squelched the overwhelming need to release the grieving tears I swore I would never allow my children to witness in their mother again.

That days journey took us well into Kansas and that trek was filled with conversation, laughter and talk of so many plans for my life with my boys and my grandchildren.  We never once turned on the radio.  Which for me is normal but my son loves his music and it was heart warming that he was content to be engaged in conversation with me instead of leaving me to my own painful thoughts that could have entangled themselves with the words to most songs on the radio.

After a long day on the road,  finding a hotel with a nice little Mexican restraunt inside was the perfect “margarita filled” end to the day.

Author: twicebitten180

The decision to even find out what a "blog" really is, came when I found myself at 55, discarded like a car with too many miles on it by my husband of 15 years. You know, "The grass is greener" mentality. Five years to the day after the death of my 23 year old son, I loaded up my u-haul and headed south. Never once looking back at the beautiful state of Colorado, my husband, my home, my job or my retirement business. It was all now promised to someone else so I pulled up my big girl socks and moved on. So, this blog isn't going to be a place for me to lash out about the betrayal. It is going to be a place for me to share the adventures and experiences that lead to the healing and the happiness. A place to find encouragement and strength. At the present time, I teach fitness bootcamp classes on Friday evenings and I house/pet sit when someone needs me. I have even been thinking of doing vehicle transport for car rental businesses or car dealerships but having an out of state drivers license might be a problem. In the meantime, I am doing a little traveling and trying to learn some new skills. Welding and writing are at the top of my list. Learning to be a free lance writer has always been something I dreamed of doing and now is my time. I hope you will come along for the ride!

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